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Volkswagen ID.Beetle: One Day Maybe?



The automobile is often a matter of emotion and passion. This is particularly the case when dealing with iconic cars like the Volkswagen Beetle. Unfortunately, the German manufacturer had to make a difficult choice in 2019 by removing this legendary car from its lineup.


Even though the Beetle has not been in production for almost 4 years, it is still among the top 10 best-selling vehicles of all time. This is mainly thanks to the first generation of the model, which was built from 1938 to 2003. Afterwards, the model was replaced by the New Beetle, and that's when the decline in popularity began.


Volkswagen attempted another maneuver by introducing a new Beetle to the market in 2012 with more robust lines. Despite its character and exhilarating performance, the latter only sold a few hundred thousand units over the years. That's already good, you might say, but for a car as legendary as the Beetle, more was needed, and that's why the manufacturer ended up withdrawing it from the market.


Making room for electric vehicles


As you know, Volkswagen has fully embraced the electric revolution, and the German manufacturer offers us some of the most interesting vehicles in this category. When we see the ID.Buzz, we can't help but feel nostalgic. The electric minibus is one of the many concepts from the brand that eventually took shape and ended up on the production line.


A glimmer of hope?


Earlier last month, Volkswagen revealed that it had partnered with the superhero cartoons Ladybug and Cat Noir to create a range of custom-made electric vehicles for the main characters. As you may have guessed, Ladybug "Coccinelle" is driving what appears to be an electric Beetle concept. This was enough to ignite social media and launch the rumor of a possible return of the Beetle to the Volkswagen lineup.


This is not the first time that news of the Beetle's return has surfaced in the media since its withdrawal from the market in 2019. Unfortunately, Volkswagen's CEO, Thomas Schafer, clearly stated in an interview with Autocar magazine that it was not in the brand's plans to bring back the Beetle name to its lineup. He believes that the Beetle, as well as other legendary names of the brand, have simply "had their time" and that the place for these models remains in the past.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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